Facing a time of change or upheaval in your family can bring a wide range of emotions to the surface. How can you be certain that your legal needs are being met while you’re navigating this complex emotional time? The Law Office of J. Francis Barker, P.C., offers family law services to help you protect yourself as you move forward. Whether you’re dealing with divorce, child custody concerns or support issues, Cook County family law attorney Jaime Barker will assist you to ensure you are making the right choices in the days ahead.

Family Law Attorney in Cook County Offering Divorce Services

Even the simplest divorce can be filled with legal questions and concerns, and working with a family law attorney in Cook County will help couples take the right steps in the days ahead to ensure their financial and legal needs are protected as they divorce. From assisting with division of property to helping you file the forms for your divorce properly, you can trust Attorney Jaime Barker to guide you through the challenges of divorce.

Child Custody Assistance in Cook and Will Counties

When children are involved in a divorce or separation, the parents must come to an agreement about who will retain custody of the children. These cases can be quite complicated and full of strong emotions. Attorney Jaime Barker understands the need to protect children and their rights in these processes, and he will help you come to a custody agreement that will benefit your children and protect your parenting rights. He can also provide assistance and guidance if you feel your custody agreement needs modification.Child and Parent

Cook and Will Counties Child Support Concerns

Child support can be a sticky problem for divorcing parents. The child support agreement should focus on ensuring the children continue to enjoy the same quality of life they had when the parents were together. Unfortunately, often the original support agreement is insufficient to meet the needs of growing children. Also, sometimes the custodial parent has trouble collecting the agreed to support from the other parent. As a family law attorney, Jaime Barker has helped many Cook County parents with these concerns.

If you have a family law need in the near future, you need the right legal guidance to protect yourself. Trust Jaime Barker as your Cook County family law attorney, and learn what you need to do to ensure your rights, finances and future are protected in the days ahead. Schedule your consultation with a family law attorney by calling the Law Office of J. Francis Barker, P.C., today.