Personal Injury

When you are injured, your focused turns solely to your recovery, but it’s important that you take measures to protect yourself legally as well. When the injury was because of another party’s action, negligence or inaction, or because someone failed to perform his or her responsibilities, you have the right to seek compensation. With the help of Cook County personal injury attorney, you can be certain that the compensation you receive is fair and just. Attorney Jaime Barker has a strong focus on personal injury claims in Cook County.

Family Law

Facing a time of change or upheaval in your family can bring a wide range of emotions to the surface. How can you be certain that your legal needs are being met while you’re navigating this complex emotional time? The Law Office of J. Francis Barker, P.C., offers family law services to help you protect yourself as you move forward. Whether you’re dealing with divorce, child custody concerns or support issues, Cook County family law attorney Jaime Francis Barker will assist you to ensure you are making the right choices in the days ahead.

Criminal Defense

For many, all it takes is one mistake to create a lifetime of problems. If you have made an error in judgment and are facing criminal accusations as a result, you need to know what steps to take to protect yourself. As a Cook County criminal defense attorney, Jaime Francis Barker will work to defend your rights and reputation through solid defense planning. If you have been accused of a crime, contact the Law Office of J. Francis Barker, P.C., to get the help of a criminal defense attorney.